Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Update

Another criminally brief update:

1. Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes and sweet notes. If anyone tried to get in touch with me and I haven't responded yet, it's because I haven't touched my computer until today. Daniel didn't even have to hide it from me; I was too miserable. I am literally afraid of my inbox. It's amazing what can pile up over the course of three days. But it's also amazing how wonderful a hamburger can taste after three days of "soft" food. Mmm, Niffer's Black n' Bleu Burger w/ sweet potato fries. Take that, strep throat.

2. Writing? Ha! Not even in my fever dreams. In fact, my brain feels pretty tabula rasa right now. Usually long stretches of time with only my imagination for company would be like winning the lottery.  But add pain and fever into the equation, and it just doesn't work. This was a real revelation to me: my imagination/ creativity doesn't work unless I'm reasonably healthy and happy. I think the vicissitudes of creativity are even more complex than the act of writing sometimes. Right. So, that's a zero word count so far this week. I'll see what I can salvage between now and Sunday.

3. I did get some reading done, though. Posting reviews is near the top of my evil new catch-up pile, which is on top of my usual busy to-do daily stuff. (Level 2 Glare? What? Already?) That's it, I think. Thanks again, and I hope everyone has a really productive week with plenty of word count.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and hope your inbox doesn't swallow you whole!

  2. Thanks ladies! I barely peeked at it yesterday- tie to pay the piper today!

  3. Great to hear that you're feeling better. That stuff can really wipe you out! Best wishes!

  4. Hi Vicki - I just read your bio and I wanna be you growing up in the Deep South in a haunted house with secret rooms . . . you lucky girl! (Next time you go visit your parents can I tag along? ;-))

    Well, you and me have something else in common. Jangly bracelets. In my upcoming book, Circle of Secrets, there's a mysterious charm bracelet and I'm creating that actual charms from the bracelet in the book to give away on my blog and at launch parties, and to sell on my website. I'm so excited!

    Thanks for friending me on FB, too!

  5. Thanks, Kimberley! What a clever tie-in to your book- and of course now I'm all kinds of intrigued. I'll have to put it on my list!