Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Update, with bonus Strep Throat (and feverish ramblings)

Why is it that when kids get strep throat it's all about eating ice cream and popsicles and staying home from school? But when an adult gets it, we're hit so much harder? A doctor once delivered the cheerful news that strep is actually a form of scarlett fever. Yay!
Plus I may be the only human on earth who just really doesn't like ice cream. I'm that awful ice cream eater who excavates for the peanut butter cups or the cookie dough chunks and leaves the rest.
So today's about brevity. Here's a quick and dirty list instead of a real update.

1. Word count: roughly 2500 since last check in.

2. Reading: I have gotten almost no reading done since I've been crazy busy. But guess what! I seem to have some rest time on my hands. Time to make a dent in that TBR pile. Strep throat! Yay!

3. Current project:An experiment in form inspired by some musicians I know and Charles Dickens. 'Ol Charles published his novels as serials. They appeared in the newspaper in chunks, and were later collected into novels. Serialization used to be a common practice. I would argue it's once again present thanks to the internet. But with Carnivalesque I want to try something a bit different: a cross between serialization and complete novellas, all part of an overarching story, each released very quickly after the last. I want this project to have the form and structure of a book, but the rhythm and pacing of a serial. I hope to see how my writing might fit differently into the "feed the stream" structure of modern media consumption. (Why is this text blue? I have no idea what I did. Sorry.)

Ok, apparently blogging is considered work and I'm not supposed to be doing work. Daniel is giving me Level 2 Evil Looks. Once we hit Level 3, he'll take my computer away and make me go read. So I'll skip the explanation about how these bands I know set themselves the task of putting out a single every month. One band was crazy ambitious- they did a single a week. The impact this had on their craft was amazing. Although difficult to track in concrete numbers, it gave them a vast body of work that translated directly into at least two full-length albums, more money for live performance, and representation. I guess if they were writers it would be full-length novels, more sales, and representation? Well, anyway, it worked for Dickens and it worked for my friends. Not that I'm Dickens. Seriously. I'm just experimenting. And feverish.

You know what's funny? If you whisper at someone with a perfectly good voice, they almost always automatically whisper back. Ha!
Ok, that was really close to a Level 3 glare.
More info as soon as I'm allowed back near a computer. Have a great week!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I'm really looking forward to reading the serial-that-isn't-a-serial project.

    Are you going to the Auburn Writers Conference this year? I finally registered and am flying down for it in October. It would be lovely to see you then! :-)

  2. Love you're Dicken's inspired idea :) Can't wait to read the first one!

    And don't stress too much over the strep. I get it ALL the time! I'm almost 35 and for some reason, I still get strep. I kind of enjoy the mandated "stay at home cuz you're contagious" part of the deal!

  3. Well, I didn't get strep (SUCKAGE, let me just say) but I got myself a lovely gastrointestinal bug. Still, I think you wrote more words than I did. :) So good on you!

    Good luck with your writing and your recovery. And Happy Reading!

  4. I'm so sorry you have strep! I used to have it a lot, and I was always miserable. :( But usually the recovery time is quick.

    Just relax and concentrate on that reading. And feel better soon!

  5. Ack. Sorry you're sick! That blows.
    Love the serial that's not a serial form. They're fun to write! (apparently until #4 and then you may go into a random panic. Or that could just be me.) Feel better and get some rest young lady!!

  6. Sorry that you ae not well but yay for reading time!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. It'strue about the whisper!! - looks like someone's looking after you - go to bed/sofa/whatever pick up book enjoy - the experiment sounds good looking foward to reading that - good time to let it ferment in your mind - take care

  8. Sorry about the strep throat. On the bright side, sounds like some quality reading time. Take advantage of the rest as much as possible and you'll be fit as a fiddle, and halfway through your reading pile, before you know it. :)

  9. Hope you feel better and have enjoyed your reading time. Your novella/serial concept sounds interesting (and pretty in blue! ;-) ).