Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Update w/ Much Information

This weekend at The Ides of March: ROW80 update, Carnivalesque release info, The Indie Book Blowout, Book Tours Not To Be Missed, and an extremely nerdy exercise in craft. 

1. Since last check-in, I've managed a little over 5,000 words.

2. Due to the vile evil that is adult-onset strep throat, my SF/Fantasy serial-saga Carnivalesque will be a week delayed. Considering how narrowly I avoided hospitalization, I feel pretty smug about that. Look for it sometime next week; as Indie fans know, release dates are somewhat fluid. Last time, Smashwords beat everyone by a lunar mile. It's my plan to make this a free release, so it may take Amazon longer to catch up. It will be free on Smashwords from Day 1, though. (Go Mark Coker!)  

The Business of Books:
3. I'm taking part in this thing called The Indie Book Blowout this Labor Day Weekend, when my books, along with many others, will be on sale for .99 cents. A whole bunch of genres and a whole bunch of writers are taking part, so although I write primarily YA, fantasy, and romance, there's something for everyone. Check it out here: Indie Book Blowout

4. Book Tours/ Releases Not To Be Missed:
Kait Nolan, founder of ROW80 and hot werewolf creator extraordinaire, is planning all kinds of fun stuff for her book Red's launch into the world. Susan Bischoff, another ROW80 alum, is also putting the finishing touches on an impending release for which many have been eagerly awaiting: the second book in the Talent Chronicles, Heroes 'Til Curfew. I have added awesome badges over to the right there with even more details.

5. An extremely nerdy exercise in craft: book dissection. Sounds painful, and perhaps it is a bit. There are a lot of books and how-to courses that do this kind of thing already using their own distinct terminology. I've been spending some time analyzing how my favorite books are actually constructed: How far into the book does the author introduce the protagonist? Love interest? When does casual romantic contact commence? When/ how does this escalate? When/ where/ how is the first outside conflict introduced? That kind of thing. Many of you will find this kind of structure study boringly familiar. I sat down and actually sketched out plots like I was diagramming sentences, on huge pieces of butcher paper that I could paper across my studio wall and study. No lightning bolts or anything, but it was an neat exercise in structure and "the big picture" if you're as nerdy as I am.

Wow. I could get to be a fan of this whole brevity thing. Thanks for checking in and have a good week!


  1. I think it is nerdtastic that you dissected books. That's the kind of dorky fun I would enjoy being a part of. I swear, it's a drinks, bbq and book dissection party if ever we meet. :)
    Glad you've recovered from the evil strep. I'm looking forward to Carnivalesque!

  2. Nerdz rule. I'm just sayin'. And I'm making a badge!

  3. Take care of yourself, and thanks for the link to the Indie book blowout! I don't have that much of my stuff up yet, but it might be a good reason to get some projects done a bit faster!

    Have a great week!

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Vicki. Some of these childhood diseases pack a punch when we are adults.

    I love the book dissection exercise--and absolutely, nerdz rule!

    Have a great rest of the week!
    Elizabeth (lapidaryprose)

  5. well you are way at the other end of nerdy line to me but you obviously have great fun so I have to give you a Yay - sounds like last week wasn't too bad despite the throat - hope you feel better soon - all the best for this week