Sunday, August 7, 2011

ROW80: Book III: Blood Redemption Cover

Exciting developments this week:
1. The new cover for the third book in the Gifted Blood trilogy: Blood Redemption. It's just a proof, but I think I'm in love with it. I think I want to marry it. And I think bibliogamy is perfectly legal in Alabama. (So is fake Latin.)

2. I'm planning on releasing enhanced second editions of the first two books ahead of the final book's release. This is just one of a series of new covers for the trilogy. They have the same model and same basic layout, but different color schemes, etc. In other words, they go together. I love them all, but I'll save the other reveals for another post since they're also proofs. I think I need some more time to stare at them privately because I'm going to marry them, too. Bibliogamy, baby.   

3. Lots of writing progress: 2500 words on Blake House Friday; 1500 on Saturday. So close! Now if I can just find a cover I love even a third as much as I do this one, all will be disco. 2000 words on Blood Redemption. I love that I can type the title now. I'm going to do it again: 2000 words on Blood Redemption Thursday. 

4. Stacey Wallace Benefiel has a tour coming up with writer Angela Carlie and others. Her post about this really made me think about the importance of regional affiliations with other Indies. The internet has gifted me with some pretty far-flung friends, for which I am grateful. But Stacey's upcoming tour reminded me of how important it is to have a presence at conferences and festivals. Since flying all around the country to each conference of my dreams is going to have to wait until, um, never, regional events make sense. This is so much easier to do with a network of local writer friends. Since I'm in the South and it's practically in my backyard, if I'd been a bit more on the ball, I'd have something going for DragonCon this year. I was not and do not, though, so perhaps next year. 

Have a great week, everyone. Hard to believe school is almost back in session. 


  1. Lovely cover! Biblogamy is totally a thing. That's an ixkabub (made up word) I can relate to. Awesome job on the word count. You are truckin'!
    DragonCon sounds so much cooler than Wordstock. :)

  2. I always feel lost at DragonCon because I don't speak Klingon or use the force.

  3. Awesome cover, Vicki! I love it.

    Btw, your book are on my TBR list. many books, so little time....

  4. Beautiful cover. If you're anywhere near Northern Cali, you can be my regional friend. :)

  5. Oh, Lauralynn, I know what you mean. My Kindle list keeps growing and growing. I really want to dig into Starfane.
    Kate! North Cali is high on the list of wished-for regional affiliations. I think I'll be happy about being a Southerner again in about two months, when it cools from Hot Damn! Hot to merely roasting.

  6. Great cover! I tried to comment yesterday, but my pc would only allow me to post, not comment. Ugh!!

    I'm in the South, so you just let me know when I need to pack a bag :)

  7. The cover is nice, congrats on your writing. My region is a bit more odd (I'm on the East Coast.)

  8. like the cover and the false latin!! - did well this week - best of luck for this week - keep smiling

  9. Beautiful cover!

    The blog hop is a neat idea. I'm going to see whether I can start one on my blog.