Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Covers for the New Editions

It's no secret that I'll be releasing shiny new editions of the Gifts series in advance of Blood Redemption's Fall release. I am so thrilled to have the finished versions of all three new covers:

Established readers will notice some changes. Some are small, like a new series name: Angel's Edge instead of The Gifted Blood Trilogy. The biggest is ideological. I've alway felt that the series straddles the outer edge of YA. St. Martin's Press and others are calling this kind of older-oriented  YA writing "New Adult" instead. Whether it's a new niche genre or not, I think the new covers definitely showcase this direction. Plus I just love them. Have I mentioned that? Oh, right. About twenty times over my last few posts.

Will there be changes in content? Yes, but mostly editorial ones. The story itself won't change. I'm the most excited about bonus content- goodies like playlists and maps and more. I'll make release announcements here, through my newsletter, and elsewhere on the 'net as soon as I can.

Did I mention how much I love the new... oh, right. Twenty-one times now. Oh well. You get the idea.