Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blessed Silence... Sort Of.

Today is the first day of school!
The house is really, really quiet. It's kinda freaky.

I've got my writing prereqs: coffee, keyboard, music. (Music does not count as sound. Not in post-children quiet.)(Video from Lauderdale, a band from my hometown. Their first album is coming out really soon and I can't wait. Since it's not released, I can't post it in the usual spot. Great writing music, and the video's directed by my talented friend Corey Hannah. I'm plotting ways to get him to do a book trailer for me.)

So far this week:
A new writing opportunity kind of fell into my lap. I can't really say     much about it at this point, other than that I'm really excited about it and it has nothing to do with either of my two WIPS. There's a deadline involved, so I've had to shift focus and do some... I can't really call it brainstorming. Adapting? Reimagining? I have been going through old manuscripts, writing parts of new ones, and trying to get the two to make friends. I am going to go ahead and claim an editing day on this one, so that's one day out of five met. I will have to write (or edit) every day, including this one, to meet goal this week.

If you've ever gotten kids ready for the school year, then you understand. Also, I recently accepted some commitments with the IBC (Indie Book Collective). We're gearing up for their Bestseller for a Day promotion on August 17th. And then there's the new project.

See, I have this 260,000 word futuristic SF series sort of stuffed in a file. I always thought of it as my "practice" series, and never thought I'd do much with it. Sometimes I'd think of it. I'd tell myself I really should do something with it. Then I'd go back to my WIP. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it. 260,000 words is kind of a monster. But part of it, a very small and adapted version of it, may have found a home. So that's what I'm working on this week. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll rework and release this monstrous series. But it will have to wait its turn.

This will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, significantly impact any stated release dates of either Blake House or Blood Redemption. Please do not send me angry emails.

What else? I read and reviewed Frannie Billingsley's amazing book Chime. I put up a quick review on Goodreads ranking it in my Top 5 so far this year. That puts it up there with Tabitha Suzuma's Forbidden and Jeff Bryan's Jenny Pox. Why such love? Two things among many: it has one of the best opening lines ever. "I've given my confession and I'd like to be hanged." How could you not keep reading after that? And then, on about page 3, I had this major epiphany. You know how you always hear about "suspension of disbelief?" I always took it to mean that a reader, or viewer if it's film/t.v., has to "buy it," whatever "it" may be. But it struck me that suspension of disbelief is really about trust. It's about trusting a writer- that she knows what she's doing with language; that her character(s) is someone you'd like to get to know; that if we keep reading we'll encounter that marvelous yet elusive thing we chase through the pages that is so different for everyone. In Ms. Billingsley's book, I found it on page 3. I don't even know why. I just knew that I was lost, and I was going to be a very cranky mama shopping for school supplies the next day.

Thank God for Daniel. Can you believe he did both supply lists? With both children in tow. This is the new awesome: a man who is not afraid to brave Wal-Mart's maddened hordes on tax free weekend so his wife can sleep off a book binge.

Ok, to re-cap ROW80 goals:
1. Am expecting increased output due to back-to-school freedom
2. Got in one day of editing- a little behind this week but can catch up
3. New writing project! Yay!
4. Marketing/ The Business of Books: Getting involved with The Indie Book Collective.
5. Reading/Reviewing: Frannie Billingsley's Chime was epiphany-inducingly good.

Life is coffee-scented, empty-roomed, subtly musical, and full of words. So all is well. May your week be just as you order it. -VK


  1. Awesome all around! If the new project is what I think it is...then squee to the 2nd power. :) I am so, so jealous of everyone's kids going back to school. Mine aren't even in full-day school, but I'm counting down to having two hours of alone time three days a week.

  2. So... are you my squee sister? On the you-know-whatness? 'Cause that would be awesome on many levels.
    Kids in school are a mixed blessing. I left out the part where I cried at the bus stop.

  3. Sounds like a great time! I have five kids and we homeschool so I have to try and find a writing balance with that. Though we are still school supply shopping.

    C.M. Cipriani

  4. Wow- five homeschooled kids? You have my admiration! I have a really hard time with balance.

  5. Congrats on the new project and all you've accomplished so far. We homeschool too except I just have one and I'm the only early riser in the house. :) Your hubby is great for taking on the school supply shopping.