Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Update

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your support last week after the loss of my pet. It really meant a lot to me and helped me get my head back in the game. Here's a snapshot of what's been going down writing and reading-wise:

Sunday: got my first newsletter out, which was a major endeavor but I was pleased with the end product. Also did some writing towards the third Gifts book: 863 words. It's easy to forget this is my main focus right now, since I'm working on a novella that's much closer to completion and is largely unrelated. It's just more satisfying to work on something closer to done. Plus this is an adult romance, and I find I'm kind of liking the freedom this gives me. And Lord, how I've missed 3rd POV. What is it about YA that almost demands 1st POV?

Monday: Editing/revising on Blake House. It's difficult to track the word count on days like this because I'm working with an essentially complete ms that just needs tweaking. Maybe it would be easier to count this project in hours rather than wc? Something to ponder.

Tuesday: Editing/revising on Blake House take 2. After revising and adding in a scene, I did a quick read through of the whole ms. I realized I'm over two-thirds there. Three-quarters, maybe even. I'm almost at 20,000 words and I've been aiming for a 25,000 word novella. I still have three major scenes I want to add, so the word count may wind up being more than that. The shocking thing was the realization that it's time to start thinking about launching this baby into the world. You know, the pre-launch: finding beta readers, a cover, profile it on Goodreads, plan some giveaways and blog announcements/stopovers, etc. The fun/ nervous stuff.

Wednesday: I started looking at cover artists pretty seriously and checked out a couple of other books/ authors I like to see how people are launching these days. Special plea: if you know of any good, reasonable cover artists you can recommend, I am in the market!!! Still have to go and get in some wc after posting this.

That's the week in Belle Lettres thus far; may the rest of it treat you well! -VK


  1. You're doing so well on goals; I completely relate to working on one thing, then thinking, oh, I was supposed to be working on this over here!

    The last two short stories I wrote were in 1st POV, which is just as hard as you say. I'm not sure it worked there, but they're not YA, which does demand it because of all the interior angst one is describing.

    I think I ran across a recommendation for a cover artist while reading posts on Sunday. I'll try to find it again.

    Have a great rest of the week!
    Nancy (also lapidaryprose)

  2. I don't know what you're looking for as far as covers, but my cover designer is fab...great to work with, great turnaround and VERY resonable in price. Sarah's button is on my blog, Warm Onion Design.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! Cover artist recs are greatly appreciated.

  4. Vicki, I've heard great things from Debra Holland (Wild Montana Sky - Amazon) re her cover artist too and she was not expensive.

    Thanks for the blog love over at More Cowbell today and I am soooo sorry to hear that you recently lost a pet. It's been just over a year for me and I still get choked up. I hate to give a link in your comments, but maybe this post will help you with your grief a little.

    Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  5. Jenny, thanks, that's so sweet! Both for the cover art rec and the link. You're right that it helps to hear about other's experience sometimes.