Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Reads and Writerly Things

Midweek update time. Word counts, WIP musings, and the monumental pile of books I intend to inflict on my Kindle on this week's road trip!
Monday: 721 words on "Silver and Smoke"
Tuesday: revisions on Blake House
Wednesday: oh, that's today. Right. I anticipate more Blake House revisions as soon as I get this knocked out.

You just never know a character until you write a mile from his POV. I thought I knew all about Ethan. I mean, I've written two books featuring the guy by now. But they haven't been from inside his head, and "Silver and Smoke" is. He's spending a lot of time in bed because... well, if you read the first book, you know why. I have to keep reminding him he's in a YA story, even though he's getting to spend time in bed being waited on by the woman he worships. He doesn't care. He's even growled at me a couple of times. There are a couple of scenes involving swimsuits coming up and I'm honestly a little alarmed. I really don't want to have to unleash Asheroth on him but I guess it's an option.

Talk about life imitating art. We're into the rebuilding phase with our back porch. We had extensive storm damage a couple of months ago (scroll down to the bottom on the "About Me" tab for pics if you missed this saga.) D and I can't really agree about the new design- I want something new, he wants it like it was- and we've let this hold us up. But structural chaos is wearing on the soul. So we were making plans to just get on with it when inspiration struck and I quoted a line from the blurb from The Resurrection of Blake House:
     "Elizabeth knew the wreck of a house was an apt metaphor for the state of her own soul; if she could fix one, perhaps there was hope for the other."
I'm not sure D appreciated my use of the word wreck, or that I had to go and drag my soul into the discussion, but how often do we get to use our blurbs in everyday conversation? Never. That's how often. So what if there's probably a reason for that? :)

Road trip tomorrow. I love the fact that my Kindle reads to me. With a twelve hour round trip, all Interstate, I should be able to make a sizable dent in that current and TBR pile. That's the only the thing that has me remotely excited about it:

 Ok, it's a lot, but a girl can dream. Have a good week in books!


  1. I plus oned this. I am pretending like plus one is a like button. :) You crack me up. Yes, how often does one get to use their blurb in everyday life? lol I would want to change the porch and Rob would want to keep it the same, just like you guys.
    Good job getting stuff done! Have fun letting your kindle read to you.
    Oh, and if I were you and you were me, I'd let the swimsuit come up a bit, y'know? :)

  2. Can't wait to see the reviews on those and have fun! :)

  3. I just want a porch where I can see the stars at night!!! Stacey, I'm adopting your def. of the plus one button because I don't know what it does. Google clearly has social networking envy. I mean, Google Plus? Grr. Maybe it'll get better- it's still early.
    Swimsuit creep. I like. :) I so need to write something for grown-ups.
    Kate, thank you SO MUCH for the review save on Amazon the other day. I try and cross-post as much as possible but I'm pretty Goodreads centered and things get scrambled in transition. Obviously! :) Hope your summer's going well and you're surviving the heat!

  4. I hope you guys can figure out the porch situation! My dad has offered to build us a new deck and while I see a grand transformation(I want a screened in porch w/ tin roofing to hear the rain), my hubby has other ideas in mind...keep the design the same. Ugh!

  5. We live in Arkansas, and are STILL waiting on the bank, for our money, from the insurance company. Our roof was damaged in the May tornadoes. Scary stuff!

    On the flip side, I understand having to put characters in check...I am struggling with a scene now; I don't want to put a "blackout" in, but I may have to.

  6. @Catie- Wow, I am so sorry to hear that! You have my complete and total sympathy as far as tornadoes go. @Claudia, the destroyed porch had a tin roof and was all screened in! I do kinda miss the stars, though. But rain on a tin roof really is something.

  7. Love the blog (it's beautiful and well written). Never thought about using the Kindle's read out loud function in my car. Can't wait to try it out.

  8. Thanks, Tia. It's not nearly as fluid as an audiobook, but it does the trick.