Saturday, July 23, 2011

On My (Free) Bookshelf: "I Feel Like I'm Stealing" Summer Sales

Yep, I feel like a great big 'ole book thief. It's hard not to, when I picked up no less than 27 free books on Smashwords today, courtesy of their awesome Summer Sale. I listed just a small sampling with covers, descriptions, and links. I'm familiar with many of the authors and have reviewed their work right here on this site or on Goodreads, but I included a few new ones that looked too good to pass up.

Now if I could just figure out a way to freeze time so I can read them all. One of those frozen strawberry lemonade machines would be nice, too.

Allie Burke's Enchanters series:                                                            
Violet Midnight
Emerald Destiny
The third and final book
is coming out soon!

The first book in S. W. Benefiel's
Day of Sacrifice series.
There are three books total
right now, with a fourth one
on the way. (Psst! There's a
rumor the author has an evil twin
named Stacey)

                                         Killer unicorns, made famous in Diana Peterfreund's Rampant and Ascendantget their own novella!


The first book in The
Immortal Ones series,
S. L. Baum's is set in
Telluride, CO

Claire Farrell's multi-perspective Faerie tale,  One Night with the Fae and Thirst, Claire's first book in her Ava Delaney, half-vampire series.   



Bonnie Blythe's modern romantic-comedic 
take on Jane Eyre: Claire's

                                    Lindsay Buroker's high- fantasy steam-punk thriller, The Emperor's Edge

Bella Street's time travel
romance between a modern
Memphis musician and a 19th
C disobedient daughter:
Kiss Me, I'm Irish

                                                                                       Jeffrey Pierce's highly- rated epic fantasy Escaping Destiny

Hope you find some good books and shady spot to read them! -VK


  1. On the one hand, I feel pretty guilty when Smashwords says "You bought it!" when clearly, I didn't.

    On the other hand, it's rather fun discovering new people.

    The down-side is that I wonder if I'll actually read them all within the next 12 months. Bad Smashwords for making it hard to resist new books.

  2. S. (tacey) W. (allace) BenefielJuly 23, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    We'll, I just found a bunch more books to add to my kindle TBR pile from hell. :) Digital hoarding? At least it's more sanitary.
    I finally made it to Darkness in the Blood last night even though I bought it on release day! It's fab and I will finish and review it today. Sorry I took so long!

  3. S.(tacey) W.(allace) Benefiel, I'm just glad for your time and attention any way I can get them. God knows we've got enough going on, and I owe you some massive Glow karma, some DoS series servitude... the band plays on. We'll figure it out! An end of summer simultaneous bad movie fest, live tweeted w/ ice cream and drinks? We could coordinate all us writer moms when our kids get the hell out of... uh, I mean, our little darlings return to the hallowed halls of education/daycare :)

    And C, oh yeah, I've got that "been caught stealing" feeling. But I started thinking last night after I flipped through four pages on my home menu loaded up with books- even if I don't read them all, the download count will probably help a new author. Maybe? I don't know.

    But I do know if the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow I am prepared. My battery is charged up, and I've got material for a month! Take that, zombies!

  4. Oh, I see. You're starting your own "Twitter mom" gang without me :)

  5. Oh my gosh, Jeff! I have been served. On behalf of awesome, "Enter Sandman"-lullaby-singing dads everywhere, add BBQ and beer to ice cream and drinks with our end-of-summer bad movie party. :)