Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dying of Adorable, Plus a Worthy Cause

I kind of can't believe I'm posting about this. I mean, I wear black and think graveyards are romantic.
Kittens. One, specifically. One deadly cute kitten.
Remember, you were warned:

1. Normally when a group of pre-teens surrounds me and swears they've found the cutest video on the internet, I at the very least tune them out. When they mention kittens and You Tube, I start eyeing the nearest exits. This time, I wasn't fast enough. Before I could bolt, they worked their vile magic on me. I am now enslaved by (cue music o' impending doom) the cutest kitten video on earth.

WARNING: Proceed with extreme caution before viewing this video. No matter how hardened you think you are to goofy/silly/cutesy internet memes, this one is truly insidious. The aforementioned gang of preteen cute-mongers claim they trained a kitten to do this. All you have to do is hold it belly-up, wait for it to nibble your hand, and give it a forceful tickle.

2. In other news, there are a lot of great summer book sales going on right now. This one really caught my attention. Ronnell Porter's The Trinity Saga series was one of the very first Indie e-books I ever read. In fact, when I saw that he was giving away the first book in the series for free, I clicked on it and realized that it was one of the first reviews I ever wrote. Kind of embarrassing, that. I wrote it before I ever thought I might have a book or two of my own out there one day.

At any rate, Ronnell is offering the first book for free, which is great. But what really got me about this deal was that the profits from sales of the other two books in the trilogy go entirely to charity. 2.99 for each, and all the money goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation and Save the Children. We're talking full-length novels here, with complex paranormal world building and a very sexy vampire. (Lucius Knight! Sigh.) First book free, second and third book proceeds go to charity, plus a good read.

3. Misc. other stuff: ROW80 round 3 starts soon. Really soon. Like, tomorrow? I'll be posting updates and checking in with participants. You can read the ROW80 tab for more details. I'm compiling a newsletter to announce releases and offer discounts and special deals. It's in-progress, but make sure to sign up if you're interested. I hate spam as much as anybody, so I'll only ever use it to communicate about my books. Everybody have a safe and happy 4th, if you celebrate!


  1. I saw this video for the first time about 2 weeks ago! (I think on Kait's blog lol.) It really is the cutest thing ever - and I love cute so EVER...that's a big deal! I wish that anytime I ever am having a bad day, someone would follow me around with that video on a loop. Who could be mad during that lol?

  2. Yes! This video has literally haunted me. I'm tempted to get a kitten just to tickle him and play peek-a-boo. Don't think it would work so well with an adult cat, though!