Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decaffeinated Update

Keeping it super short. Today is the second day in a row I haven't had coffee. It's interesting to run out on a holiday weekend, subbing very stiff tea taken British style. But today my brain feels like freeze-dried mud. Must rectify, and soon.

Sunday: subbed an editing day
Tuesday: 538
Wednesday: oh, wait. That's today.

Much work on the business end of things. I bought Amber Scott's and Carolyn McCray's Indie Pub guide as part of this last IBC promotion. It's a really thought-provoking read. I do sometimes want to paste a large, friendly "Don't Panic" sticker across it because it does feel as if I'm diving unprepared into the Hitchhiker's Guide. But I keep telling myself it's like cooking or diagramming sentences or training one's cat: there are levels. Deep breaths. And for goodness sake, coffee.

Will make up for this sad little post with something spectacularly spectacular. Friday? Sat? I'm liking my Comparative Fun Analysis: X new release hard back book = this much fun in Vicki's world. It doesn't exactly have a name yet, but fear not! I shall confer with my favorite economics professor (cough) (Mom) and together we'll get it right. It's all part of my devious plan to convert her to an e-reader. She's not hooked yet, which makes me a sadly derelict book pusher.

I hope all of you have a wonderful few days that are still slightly skewed enough to be interesting. Just ever so. And now I think I need a coffee I.V.

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  1. Editing/business days are killing my word count, too! :-)

    We just replenished our coffee stores recently too. I was strung out for part of the weekend. Thankfully, we had a wedding to go to... and they always serve coffee after dinner, right? I had a cup of coffee next to my beer. Not the best combo, but it worked.

    Keep on keepin' on.

  2. Vicki, you are awesome. Even if you didn't have jazz sensation Dave Brubeck's "Take 5" up top, you are a kindred sister with the "Don't Panic" mantra. I'm making this #ROW80 my journey to self-publish my first novel. Seriously, my towel might just become a security blanket before the end of this. If I'm on the floor in a fetal position, just give me a gentle kick, okay?

    Nice to remember "there are levels." I am so stressed about editing (and I shouldn't be, editing is my stronger suit when it comes to the illustrious "craft"), I'm nearly paralyzed. Trying to take it one day at a time....

  3. You don't need to many books have you sold? Lots (at least in my book..ha, no pun intended). You're fabulous, your books are fabulous and you'll continue to have fabulous sales :)

  4. Blogger ate my comment. Evil Blogger.

    Can you believe that my mom owned a kindle before I did? And people think I'M the book addict in the family. hahaha

    No stressing, just writing!!

  5. Early days yet and at least you got something down and other buz and editing in. Go you - without coffee I'm a bear lol

  6. I'm writing this with my second cup in hand. Bliss!
    @Matt: Coffee with a beer chaser sounds kinda interesting. I know some circles where that would be wildly popular, esp. the heartier lagers. Must pass this along.
    @Elizabeth Ann: Ah, the towel. Embrace the towel. Honestly, I think the time to worry is when I'm *not* feeling crazy, esp. pre-launch. There's a post in the archive dated Dec. 2010 called "Pre-launch Insanity" that gives kind of a snapshot of how crazy nervous I was before I released my first book. I still get that way. But there is nothing in the world like getting it out there. So you are in the right place!

  7. Claudia! Kate! Good to see you back! This will be a round of writing awesome, I can feel it! Amazing what two cups will do :)
    @Sandy- Yes, early, thank goodness. Hopefully it won't set the tone for the rest of the round!

  8. Vicki, when you finish with the coffee I.V., couldja send it my way? I overslept today (me own fault and Was preventable.....) as a result, I'm playing catch-up on EVERYTHING. Sounds like you got it covered - and yes, deep breaths actually do help - they are your internal 'don't panic' switch (God rest you Douglas Adams ;-) Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  9. @Shari- consider the IV passed!