Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Free Reads Update, and Internet Break

Smashwords still has their awesome summer sale going on. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of books are free, and many more are steeply discounted. If you missed my post before last, you should check it out because I listed a whole bunch of free books, with covers and blurbs, many by our own ROW80 authors. I just didn't have the time/ space to list everything, so here's a second serving of a few of the books I missed that you might want to grab while they're free:

Demon Girl, the first book of the Rae Wilder Series is automatically free on Smashwords; I included the link because I don't want to just post the second one. 

Demon Day is the second Rae Wilder book. The series comes highly recommended, and this is the first time I've seen both books available for free.

A fantasy adventure for ages 10+, Seranfyll follows a young freed slave as she gains her freedom, new friends, and an adventurous new life.

Holly Hook's YA paranormal romance Tempest features teens with power over hurricanes.

When Devi's twin brother is kidnapped by an angel, she makes a deal with a demon to get him back in After Eden.

A final word about free books: I'm not currently offering my books for free during a summer when many fine authors are. I've had more than one person ask me what the h*ll is wrong with me; don't I realize I'm affecting my own sales by essentially advertising for other authors on my own site. I answered that I might be. I probably am. I just don't buy it that readers are only going to buy one book amongst all the paranormal indie YA authors who are out there. Fans of paranormal, or YA, or romance, or paranormal romance, or whatever, are going to read a lot of books in the same genre. I don't see any reason to be a book grinch because I think it might sell a book or two. It's a tough economy out there. Free books are good things. I'm not offering one because I don't have much of a backlist yet. (Also, there's that little matter of wide-spread piracy. That's not helping.) But I look forward to offering a free title one day. I think it's awesome.

As I get closer and closer to the release of my novella, I wanted to update everyone about a couple of things:
1. I'm going to be taking a bit of an internet break to focus on writing for the next little bit. I'm not giving a specific time frame because I want to give myself as much time as I need, be that half a week or two and a half. I will be keeping up with my ROW80 check-ins, so I'll be here on my blog at least twice a week. I'll be be checking gmail if anyone wants/needs to get in touch.
2. I still need covers! Come one come all! Nominate your favorite cover artist here, or nominate one you know about. If you are a cover artist yourself, please throw your name in the hat! I really appreciate the suggestions so far. I need something like five total, and I really appreciate the recs.

Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend. -VK

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