Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update and a Dare

It is hot. Really hot. I've split my time between figuring out ways to walk around feeling naked without actually being naked, and fending off Sexy New Ideas (SNIs). I have only one solution for both dilemmas: Louis Armstrong's version of "La Vie en Rose," preferably played in the dark. Go ahead, try it. I dare you! I put it up there in the "What's Vicki Listening To?" bar. If you don't feel 3-5 degrees cooler (temperature wise, that is,) I'll buy you an ebook. Or give you a copy of mine. Or send you an album. Or something. For free. I'm serious here. I don't joke about the Louis.

Heat index today? 102 F. For my international friends, I know 101 F = 38.7 C, so somewhere north of that. Sexy New Ideas are especially appealing in the heat because my thoughts so often drift towards islands, port towns, and dimly lit smoky clubs. (SNIs, for the non-writing readers, are siren-like ideas that drag us away from our WIPs, or works-in-progress.) My current WIP isn't in too bad shape, though; I left my protagonist someplace rather cold. It's just kind of... well, it's not a beach, that's for sure. Can't say more without spoiling. Made word count progress: one writing intensive day out of the four, with the rest of the week to go.

Other ROW80 stuff? I'm thinking about summer reading festivals. Amazon really got me thinking with their Sunshine Deals. What if some Indies banded together for an all-out Indie summer assault? We could do it, I know we could. I'm thinking, too, of genre and subject specific book tours or events. The superheroes tour. An all-angels event. Blog stops, but maybe more. Like small bookstores with web presences? Just thinking out loud here. Feel free to chime in.

In other news, I've sold over a thousand books already this month. Thank you thank you to all my readers! You are the savviest, sexiest, most revolutionary readers to walk the earth. This is not hyperbole- you are the vanguard of a reading/writing/publishing revolution that hasn't been seen since the 18th C. One of these posts I'm going to prove it with really dry history and literary theory citations, but not today. Today I just want to bask in the reflected glow of your awesomeness.

This week I read: M. Leighton's Blood Like Poison (loved it,) and Melissa Marr's Graveminder (loved it slightly less but still loved it. I am a Melissa fangirlee. Sorry.) Reviews forthcoming. On my shelf? Too many to mention, really, but here's a taste:

And many more. Really, my current and TBR pile is going to kill me. So many great reads. Plus I think I just read over on Kait Nolan's blog that The Demon's Surrender is out? Let the record show I was finally done in by Sarah Rees Brennan.

I hope everyone is having a good week. As ROW80 draws to a close, please do consider joining us for next round. It's been so incredibly helpful to me. Just think- two rounds ago, I had just launched my first book. Hang with us, or just plain hang in there. It does happen if you do. All the best, and stay cool and comfortable. -VK


  1. Congrats on your book count! Good luck warding off those Sexy New Ideas in the heat. Ice cubes??

  2. So much to like about his post! Congrats on the sales and the progress! Sign me up for whatever indie book festival your mind comes up with. I'm there.

  3. @Lauren- strategically placed ice cubes... hmmm... I hadn't thought of that. That might really work.
    @Stacey- All-Out Indie Assault Summer 2011: Read Indie or Die! No, I better think on that some more :)

  4. I'm all in for a summer assault! You just name the date and time :)

    And congrats on sales!! I am picking up book 2 to read thie weekend!

  5. No fair! No fair! I call foul! I don't need any SNI! I'm in the middle of drab old project (wow, that doesn't sound good...). *shakes fist at Louis*