Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Fast Mid-Week Update

A really super fast post here:
Writing's going well- I've made at least two of my four ROW80 targets. I'm making good progress with the final Gifts book- have a good structure so far. I've decided on the next series and I'm so excited about it that it's hard to focus. A lot of it takes place on an island. I think since it's summer, islands and coastlines are just naturally more appealing than my land locked studio. I've been thinking about doing some field research, strictly for research purposes, of course. Naturally this would involve a trip to the actual island the fictitious island is based on. Oh, the sacrifice...

Reading, reviewing and blogging goals all met.

Other writing news of note: my application to the Apple Store was accepted, so I'm in the middle of all of that. Part of why I wanted to do this was to be able to post about it to hopefully make it easier for others who want to skip third parties and try the Apple Store directly. So far it's been a really involved, multi-step approval process and I'm not even to the part where I wrestle with uploading actual content. There are applications before applications. I'm buried pretty deep in Apple software and format conversions today, so I'm going to get back to that. I hope everyone is well.

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  1. Well, if you do end up doing field research (ahem, vacation) at least it will be tax deductable :)

    And I'm looking forward to your post on iBooks.