Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Round 2 Finale

Sometimes I wonder about my brain. I don't entirely trust it. It seems to work better backwards, sideways... anyway but straightforward. At least, when I'm writing that seems to be the case. I set myself an interim writing goal (short story) while I was doing planning and outlining for the third book. So then Monday I sit down to write said short story and poof! Book 3 starts coming out. I wish that would work with housework. "Vicki, you are so not going to do housework. You are going to sit here and play The Sims." And then poof! I'd get up and do the housework. But no, The Sims would win that round, no question.

Round 2 is (sniff) over! Here's my word count since Sunday. (Since I'm actually drafting Book 3 I have actually hard numbers). Monday: 1399, and then I did some handwriting on the next series. Tuesday: 1725. Yes, I blogged, and put in a good hour every day on the business end of writerly/ bookish things.

I also read:
Vulnerable (Little Goddess, #1)
Amy Lane's Vulnerable: I stumbled across this in one of the strangest of places- a used bookstore that I haven't visited much since I got my Kindle. So thank you Amy Lane for getting me back to the neighborhood bookstore! Fans of Laurel K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series would like this one. 

Currently reading:
Myra McEntire's Hourglass: About halfway through, it reminds me of Stacey Wallace Benefiel's Glimpse trilogy. Hourglass deals with a girl who catches glimpses, or in the parlance of McEntire's book, "riffs" of the past. Fans of this should definitely check out Glimpse.

Looking back, I accomplished pretty much what I set out to do at the start of Round 2 with the notable exception of having another novella out by now. I can blame part of that on the horrific tornado. More importantly, though, it's been a lesson in pacing. As so many writers I admire keep saying: writing is a long term game. So I suppose the most profound lessons of Round 2 were about discipline and quality. And that's a really valuable thing for me to begin to realize about myself. So... see you in Round 3, I hope?


  1. I think you did awesome this round! Despite Mother Nature being a pain in the ass, you managed to get A LOT done.
    For me, the surest way to get writing done on one WIP is to sit down determined to work on another. :)
    Is it weird that I want to read Hourglass? I have a soft spot for books about girls who can change the past/future, I guess.

  2. I would totally want to read Hourglass. It's a pretty unexplored area in YA- time travel- so maybe this is the beginning of a crest? And it fits right in w/ Glimpse- but Glimpse was first ;) and I like Zellie best.
    (Countdown to Glow!)

  3. I JUST picked up Glimpse because of something you said over at goodreads. Can't wait to try it.

    Hourglass I ruled out, because I just can't take the name Emerson AGAIN so soon. (See: Being Nikki by Meg Cabot)

  4. I just discovered Meg Cabot- I'd written her off after Disney did The Princess Diaries. I liked the movie and all, but I just thought it would be too fluffy. But I really liked Abandon. Really really!

    But- Hourglass reminds me of Glimpse for the first half, and then it picks up Susan Biscoff's Talent Chronicles. It's like an almost-Indie stew. Or maybe I just read too much.

  5. I really thought I'd commented here already. Anyways, you did great this round, in spite of everything else that happened. I don't think I could have kept my focus under the various circumstances. Well done Vicki, I'm pretty sure you're going to succeed at everything you do with that kind of determination. :)

    Writing is absolutely a long-term game. I see so many people stalling because of sales/pricing/ranking/life getting in the way. Don't panic, and keep writing - that's all we can do sometimes.

    Best of luck during the next round. I hope it's a lot less eventful for you. May life be boring for a while. ;)

    Hourglass sounds great, btw.

  6. "May your life be boring for a while," an Irish blessing from Claire Farrell? :) I'll so take that. Back at you!

  7. Well done, Vicki.

    While I had some things that kept me away from pure writing time (publishing/promoting my first novel), I am encouraged to see how faithful you were with writing every day. That lays the challenge down for me, in Round 3. See you there!

  8. Thanks, Craig! Looking forward to checking in w/ you next round. Best of luck w/ Most Likely!

  9. You did so well with your goals! Definitely an inspiration. And your lesson learned is a very good one.

    I left a very intense work in progress to work on another idea that just took over my brain - and what happened? Now all I can do is think about the first! So now I work on the current one with the notebook for the first always nearby for those occasions.

    So glad you'll be back for Round 3!

  10. Ha! I can totally relate to that. I've turned into a big purse girl, and I never was before, just so I can always have room for a full size spiral bound notebook and my big Kindle *at all times.* And pens. I'm always leaving the caps off pens and ruining the big purses.
    Round 3! I feel kind of anchorless 'til then.

  11. well done on round2 - looking foward to meeting up againin round 3

  12. You too, you have been so supportive this round! I can't believe it's over. Part of me is already thinking about posting tomorrow!