Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Price (and Importance) of Fun in This Crappy Economy

There are those of us who read, and then there are those of us who read.

The list price for A Dance With Dragons, the new George RR Martin novel? $35.00. Less on Kindle and Nook. But if you read, and you're hooked on this series, then getting it is a foregone conclusion. I'm not really into the series, but Daniel is, and I totally know and respect the lemming-like drive that is Book Fever. It happened to me when the last Shadowfever book came out. A die hard Kindle girl, I went out and bought the hardcover because I had to have that jacket/cover combo featuring Mac's tattoo. If that's not a stupid reason to spend $28, I don't know what is. 

The price of feeding my family of four today: $32.00. The day before? $28.00.

I'm not here to preach about the evils of hardback book prices and moustache-twirling villains who price books beyond our means to bring about the zombie apocalypse. Ok, I will say scream "ouch" to some of these prices. I will curse creatively in the check out line for something I will die without. Like a picture of Mackayla Lane's fictional tattoo. Or the entire set of Wicked Lovely books because Melissa Marr was wonderful enough to come to Mississippi and sign all of them. When I already owned them all on a Kindle.

But sometimes I get introspective when I think about my main form of, entertainment... in this economy. I can't really help it. I was raised by an economics professor, for one thing. My earliest Christmas memories involve Santa Claus and Reaganomics debates. More importantly, though, I think that we MUST have fun in an economy like ours. It's important to me to have as much fun as possible and spread it around. Otherwise things like books that cost more than my food budget will really start to piss me off. 

And oh, what fun there is for the price of the hardcover A Dance With Dragons:
New summer dress: $15   plus   Tickets to see this band: $15  

(Resist the urge to join the horde of girls screaming at the lead singer that he looks like Johnny Depp. Trust me, he already knows.)

Plus my latest hot weather addiction, a frozen strawberry lemonade: $1.59 

And two or three of these picks from my .99 cent Bookshelf of Wonders, or I could skip the brain freeze and have all five:

I'm not counting that last one since I know the author kinda well. ;)  
Of course, my house will have DWD the second it's released. I know this and it's cool. I just like to keep things in perspective sometimes. Plus dollars-to-fun math is the only kind I enjoy doing. 


  1. I love this post! I borrowed a friend's big hardcover collection of the first three Stephanie Plum novels and I got hooked. They made me laugh, I was entertained, SP has no powers I have to keep track of. Awesome. Oh, and there are also 17 of them. Binge Read!!
    Only problem, the kindle versions are $13.99/$11.99. Yes, I could get them from the library, but I wanted them now and to pass them around to friends. I may have looked like a crazy person buying 13 paperbacks and a hardcover, but whatever. My brain needed them!

  2. That's funny- the fictional MacKayla Lane is a big Stephanie Plum fan. I may have to check that out.