Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mixed Tapes and Thunderstorms

I have this feature on my website called "My Mixed Tape Took Your Lunch Money." Remember mixed tapes? I do... barely. Making them was an exercise in love. You had to collect physical copies of everything, figure out a theme, manually make sure it all flowed and fit together within the allotted time, and most importantly of all, make the cover art. By hand, of course.

I know it's no surprise that a lot of work goes into creating "platforms,"or whatever, when you're an Indie. I just really love my website because it's fun. The weather here really sucks, which ruined any outdoor plans, so I've been updating the central music databases while the thunder rolls. These are just a few of songs going up soon. Not a terrible way to spend a Sunday, so I thought I'd share:

Middle Brother, "Blue Eyes:"

Futurebirds, "Red Top Girl:"

The Civil Wars, "Poison & Wine:"

Horse to Water, "Florida:"

Patti Smith, "Gimme Shelter:"