Thursday, May 26, 2011

Darkness: Live!

First, the big news: Darkness is live on Smashwords, with major retailers to follow. I have two books of a trilogy now. That is better than a buttered toffee frappachino, my friends.

Next, Internet breaks. It's hard to take a complete break from the Internet in the 21st C. Something's always pinging me, reminding me there's a whole digital universe passing me by. Especially since I work on a computer. Plus wow, what a fast digital world. Unplug for a week and I might have to upgrade my browser already. Part of this one was enforced when I fried my PowerMac. Yes, I wrote that sucker into the ground. Take that, you sequel, you! Then I was forced to compose on a Microsoft laptop I got for Mother's Day. Thank goodness for that laptop, don't get me wrong. It really beat the body wash as far as presents go. It's just an abrupt cognitive shift, going from a PowerMac to a Samsung notebook. Talk about dissonance.

And now, Row80. Since one of my goals allowed me to replace writing intensive with editing, I can honestly say I have done almost nothing but. That's what the Internet break was about- pretty much total editing boot camp. Although I can't claim to love editing, I can say I've learned a hell of a lot going through this process. I had way different expectations with the first book. I took my time and no one really cared. But this time around, I learned a lot about pacing myself. I had to just slow down or risk releasing a book I wasn't happy with. I can honestly say I'm happy with this one. For all those readers who sent me emails, wanting to read the book already, I thought about each and every one of you when I was tempted to say, "good enough." I didn't want "good enough." You all deserve The Best. As a fairly new indie author, I had to learn what that looked like. I'm excited about it. Darkness is live on Smashwords, with major retailers to follow. I'll announce as soon as I know when it's live on Amazon and B&N, but some of you will probably beat me to it.

I have a bunch of other ROW80 stuff to catch up on: blogging and reviews and fantastic new releases (like Stacey Wallace Benefiel's The Toilet Business. That book is hilarious. I needed it in my life so very very badly) and hitting those word counts again. I have learned so much going through this, and I'm sure I'll have more interesting things to say when my brain starts working again. Right now, though, I really just want a buttered toffee frappachino. And for all of you to have a great week! 


  1. Yay! I just checked for it on Amazon and will continue to do so repeatedly until I'm allowed to buy it! :) Many congratulations!!
    I'm glad you were able to take your time and produce the best book you could. I'm feeling a similar pressure with Glow and I finally decided that people could wait a little while longer for me to get it up to where it has to be.
    Thanks for mentioning TTB. :)

  2. Aw, thanks. You put the aw in awesome. I know it's hard to wait w/ Glow but it will be worth it. And I mean it @ TTB. If I could have taught your essays, my freshman comp classes would have been FUN.

  3. Congrats,Vicki! How cool is it to be even closer to saying, "Yeah, I've written a trilogy. I rule."

    And agree about the internet breaks. I did one for a week and felt like the whole world passed me by. I think next time I'll take a blogging break. At least for me, it takes time to prepare my posts and every once in a while I feel burned out.

  4. Yay! I better not go into labor until I finish it.

  5. Thanks guys! I'm just grateful to have a little time to feel like a civilian.
    @Andrew- I hear you about the blogging thing. I'd like to get to the point where i actually had things scheduled and archived.
    @VJ- I'm reading Brighter right now! Blair just locked R. in the basement. I'm really enjoying it.
    And Darcy, congrats! How exciting. The big event is almost here- pls keep me posted!