Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Book Releases and Free Music!

My second novel, Darkness in the Blood, drops on April 19th. My second novel. Can you believe that? Wow. There's so much other stuff going on, too. There's the wreck that is our home. We have received estimates, so I tell myself this is progress. Progress is knowing the entire porch must be torn down and rebuilt. Every single piece of it. (Sniffle.) It's pretty obvious from the pics, but hearing a contractor say this out loud is another thing entirely.

Release weekend coincides with a music festival that's really important to my husband's label. A whole lot of talented people we love but never get to see are coming into town from far away. D has to do a lot of the last minute stuff that always crops up with his arm in a sling. Last night at a meeting he forgot and shook a hand. He manfully squelched the scream of pain, but I could see how much it hurt. (All. My. Fault.) Normally, we'd host some of these bands at our house. But there's no way this year. Bands have a lot of stuff, and parts of our house are just plain unsafe. I am sad I won't be able to dodge sleeping bodies and bags of gear on the floor on my way to make fifty or sixty pancakes the morning after the festival. Very sad.

ROW80 progress?
Monday: 4272 (is that right? it is. that's creepy.)
Tuesday: 2657
Wednesday: 2250
Did a "Backwards Outline." There's probably a more technical term for this, but it's where I go back through a manuscript and outline each chapter from the end to the beginning, summarizing and word counting each one. For some reason, I catch things going backwards that I don't going forwards.

Yeah, I think I maybe wrote a blog. :)

Exciting movement on the Rock Your Kindle front. Nutshell: each ebook gets a free mp3- one that's directly related to the book. As in, it appears in the book in some way. I'm excited because it's yet another way to connect readers to the text and also because I don't think it's been done this way before. It's also a way for readers to hear some great new music. I'm concerned that the infrastructure won't be ready by the time I want to launch, and I don't want to hold the book back another week. I mean, I don't mind, but I think some of my readers will. Let me be clear: no waiting on Rock Your Kindle, ok!!!!!  The release will happen, so don't panic and send upset Tweets and emails!!!!

Um, what was that other one? Books and reviewing? I'm currently reading Kristie Cook's Purpose, the sequel to Promise. I'm loving Purpose but I'm reading a lot slower than usual. I have a lot going on, I guess. I did read Valmore Daniel's Angel Fire and did a quickie review on Goodreads about that.

So I think I'm catching up. Take that, you stupid tornado.
Here's a song from the band that would have been staying at my house but can't, (stupid tornado!) the totally amazing and very nice
Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN:
Song: Blood on the Knobs
Album: The Better Angels of Our Nature
They're so nice, you can download this whole album for free by clicking here! And you can check out "Blood on the Knobs" on the nifty little player down here:


  1. Love the backward outline idea! I'm definitely going to try that, you know, once the book is done... :-/

  2. Wow, you've made some really good progress there! Keep it up, and good luck with the new book!

  3. I've heard of the backwards thing. I wish I remembered where, but it's supposed to help in exactly the way you described.

    I really like the Rock Your Kindle idea. I hope it works well for the new book.

    And awesome, awesome writing progress.

  4. I read magazines and catalogs backwards...never understood why.

    Can't wait to pick up Darkness in the Blood!