Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye of the Storm

First ever post from my phone, from storm shelter. Why blog? Cause I forgot earlier and I'm terrified now so why not? Had to leave the studio because the tornado sirens went off. Very very soul sick from the constant destruction.

Fast Row80: 3 editing days subbed for writing days; blog post; no marketing; two very good books : The Replacement by Brenda Yovanoff and Ethereal by Addison Moore. Both were really excellent in different ways. Reviews up on Goodreads- will do something more in depth, esp. @ Ethereal because the book is a great Indie discovery and Addison Moore is an awesome writer. So I guess besides the marketing I'm pretty on target for Row80.

As far as the book, I'm so close to done but this has been a nightmare month for my family and my state. I was sitting down to work on some wrap up when Daniel came to get me from my studio. A few seconds after he opened the door the sirens started. Again. The storms and their aftermath take up huge swaths of our days. The death toll across the state keeps climbing every few minutes. It went from 10 to 40 to 64 in less than an hour. We keep getting slammed every few weeks but this is the mother of all. The old timers used to talk about the day of the killer tornadoes back in '74, but they say this is worse.

"April is the cruellest month..."
TS Eliot, The Wasteland
Dude WAS a Southerner, at least part of the time. :)


  1. Stay safe! The storm just got here, with the worst yet to come. No storm shelter here, so I'll be spending the night in the bathroom. :-\

    I'm reading -The Replacement- right now. I saw the cover and had to have it! (Yes, I judge books by their covers.)

  2. Oh, jeez, you guys! I hope you and yours are safe and that your home doesn't suffer any more damage. Please take care! I'm thinking about you.

  3. So sorry things are hard for you right now, I hope you'll be okay. I'll be thinking of you, stay well.

  4. Glad you're getting so much done, but above all, stay safe. Great song btw. The vocals remind me a bit of Blue October.