Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coup de Blog Part II: Easter Update

Hi- Caspia here, one of the "nicer characters" Asheroth made so much fun off last blog. I can't get Asheroth to totally abandon his post, but I did get him to let me deliver an Easter basket. Using a combination of Mrs. Alice's magic and Mr. Pepper's baking skills, we managed to conceal half of a two-way radio inside a hollow chocolate bunny. So although Ms. Keire is still pretty much under house arrest, we're able to communicate with her in a limited way.

She's been adamant about making her ROW80 updates, and is furious with Asheroth for imprisoning her before she had time to make her last one.  She spent so much time being infuriated with him that her update really is rather brief: she's been editing every single day rather than doing word counts. She says she's learned rather a lot about self- editing and the value of excellent editors. This should make for some good posts in the future, but for now she'd just like to leave her studio please. (But sadly, she can't.) Her other ROW80 activities have been relegated more to the planning/thinking level. For example, she's determined to teach herself Excel when she escapes... er, is released, so that she can keep track of book and review blogs. This will help when she plans tours, promotions, etc. She also hopes to use the chocolate encrusted two-way radio to check in with fellow ROW80ers until she, is released.

You may have noticed the blog redesign. I just couldn't let Asheroth's flame and fire nightmare stand. I don't agree with his methods, but I do sympathize with Asheroth's urge to force things to completion. Really, I don't see how Ms. Keire can hold out much longer, and things can go back to normal then. I'm just going to keep hanging around to make sure Asheroth remembers to feed and water her, and that she doesn't get so mad she consumes us all in a tornado. She is the author, after all.


  1. Hmm, self-editing posts. I don't know if I can wait. Maybe send some tips through the radio?

  2. Great job on the daily editing! Even without specific word count goals, just getting into that daily habit is so important. Good luck the rest of this week, and happy writing!