Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Update

1. Moving Day!
I moved back into my studio space! I am so happy I don't think it's quite penetrated. During the publishing process of Gifts and the worst of the coldest winter we've had here in the South for many years I moved most of my equipment into the main house. It just made sense. My husband the graphic designer/ computer wizard was essential during my first encounter with Amazon's DTP, especially since it didn't seem to like my Mac. Also, I was quite unused to freezing howling wind that found every crack and crevice in the structure, stripping my freestanding heater of all relevancy and my fingers of all flexibility. I just comfy in the house. I could make tea, keep an eye on dinner, and watch the news while writing, right?
And I wondered why this sequel was so much harder to write. Ha.
My studio! A door I can shut and lock, detached from the main house. A stereo I can blare. Pile of notes that make perfect sense to me. Outlines taped to the wall next to color-coded charts delineating magical systems next to genealogical charts of angels. I've missed it.

2. Writing:
Two writing days out of four: one fairly easy one, one like pulling teeth. Oh well. They were all focused on my WIP, which is good. This was somewhat spurred by the fan emails I've begun to get, saying nice things like, "dying for the sequel." That gets me. I *hate* waiting for books. So, ok then. Onward with the sequel.

3. Editing:
I figured out what was wrong with Chapter One, and fixed it. It pretty much involved a complete re-working, but it's much stronger now and didn't take much away from content. It was also nice to get rid of that nagging feeling that something was really wrong with Ceremony. Like I'd sent my kid to school in dirty clothes, or something. So it's fixed, which is good, because I'm on track for the end-of-February three chapter samples I've been promising the very sweet fans who've emailed and commented on my website. Hang in there, guys! It's coming!

4. Reading:
Yes, I was bad. Or good? I read two really good Sci Fi books this week. I keep thinking that I'm going to have to impose my reading moratorium as I get closer to the finish line, and I probably still will. But I did read (dammit) and posted a short review on Goodreads. The Rho books are just that good, and I needed a break from the paranormal for a bit.

5. What's new in my little corner of the world:
Everybody check out VJ Chamber's new Little Sister: A Vampire Novella! I've been a huge fan of hers since I read her Jason and Azazel series. I got a chance to read an early copy and it's definitely worth the $.99. VJ Chambers also came up with the idea of starting a Facebook page for Indie YA authors- a great idea, and one I'm grateful to her for implementing because I'm kind of Facebook challenged. Also, congrats to Kait Nolan for landing an agent! Such a great example of how Indies who work hard at professionalism and quality don't have compromise: we live in a world where we can have the freedom to self-publish and still pursue more traditional avenues, on our own terms. Kait's had some really thought-provoking discussions on her blog about this very subject lately. And finally, best of luck to Stacey Wallace Benefiel as she embarks on her Glimmer blog tour! I'm definitely bookmarking and following that one!

I hope everyone has a really productive rest of the week, that the weather is mild, and good books and music come your way. -VK

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