Monday, February 21, 2011

Sample "Ceremony" While I'm Away!

I'll be taking a brief break from the Internet this week. I'm planning on a partial retreat, but reserve the right to take the full week if needed. This is not reckless abandonment, hepsters; I actually have to disappear for a few days. His name is Eddie and he has a glass eye... No, nothing so exciting. More like doctor's orders. This means I will miss this Wednesday's ROW80 check-in, but I should be back on Sunday. By all means please leave messages/comments/send emails if the mood strikes you. I'm not going to Mars. And even if I was, Mars has Twitter now. So Tweet away!

In the meantime, very exciting news on the book front: Ceremony of Innocence is ready for sampling!!!!!  I  am, in fact, smoking a Cuban in a hot tub while drinking Red Rock, crushing on Joshua Jackson on the outdoor flatscreen, talking sweet nonsense to my freak cat who likes water (?!?), and writing this blog all at the same time. How's that for celebrating? And I'm only making one of them up! Guess which? But the point is, Ceremony is coming along swimmingly, kind of like Felix the Freak Cat, and I couldn't be happier. Everything looks on track for the March release. It's a nice note on which to begin an Internet break. Those of you who wish to read it can follow the link to download it here.

One last very amorphous thought: The site is named The Ides of March, so I thought I'd do something special on the Ides of March. March 15th, the anniversary of Julius Ceaser's death (according to Shakespeare,) and one other top secret event to be revealed later. I thought I'd give away prizes or something. Move in a disco ball and hire a band. It'll be grand. Beware, beware! -VK