Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Row 80 Wednesday

Hi everybody!
Just a brief check in as another week gets under way and I get back on track after The Week from Hell:
1. Writing progress:
I'm a little ahead of my usual progress this week. I've gotten one decent writing day in towards my weekly goal of four. The early part of my week is usually pretty packed with work, school, etc., so I tend to focus my writing efforts later on in the week. It's strange to be writing towards my WIP but also have a novella I've been planning to release suddenly decide to take up residence in my head. I've never tried to work on more than one WIP at a time. I'm not making promises, but we'll see how that goes. The book I have out now is gaining steam little by little, selling a few more copies every day, so I really would like to make its sequel a priority.

2. Marketing:
Again, trying to make this something I weave into my everyday writing/ online life. Am starting to plan a more aggressive marketing campaign, along the lines of a tour and i-net campaign, when I release the sequel to Gifts. I've also had a few writers reach out to me for some joint marketing campaigns. January exceeded my sales expectations, especially considering it was the first month my book was out. Happy one month birthday, book!

3. Reading:
An odd thing happened this past week. I paid the ridiculous full prices for three ebooks from traditional publishers.  All were from huge, well-known authors I've always loved. I think there really is something to my theory that ebooks by Indies are just different. They have a different feel- a freshness, a vibrancy- that ebooks issued by traditional houses lack. I really did not enjoy these major releases. In fact, one of them, by an author I've loved since childhood, was so unenjoyable I'm strongly tempted to ask for a refund. I've never once been tempted to do that with an Indie. I don't care how "unskilled" or how bad the typos were. It kind of goes with my theory that ebooks aren't novels. They're related to the novel, sure. Novelists write them. But a lot of Indies write for ebooks, and release their ebooks as novels in novel form later. Kind of like screenplays and stage plays are both plays, but screenplays evolved from stage plays into a separate genre that better fits its medium.
Most writers don't have the same minute interest in genre development as me, though. Whatever the genre, it still has to be interesting.
Oh, and that still leaves a review to write. Guess which book I won't be reviewing?

4. Found some neat new Indie writer blogs, which gave me some ideas for the two writing-intensive blogs I need to write this week. There have been a lot of discussions sparked by the Lee Goldberg/ Joe Konrath post which I've jumped into on a number of sites. Some have been markedly friendlier and more productive than others. Interesting that so many writers are so interested in the topic.

5. So, to do still: 3 more days of word counts to meet, 2 writing-related blogs, one book review, participation in writer's blogs/sites, a few more days of marketing (facebook fan page and web site building really needs doing), and edit one chapter.

I hope everyone is having a good mid-week check-in, and that February treats us all well.


  1. Happy one month book birthday to you! :) You've got a lot on your plate, but you sound excited to get into it, so good for you! Have a better week than last.

    Interesting that you brought up how indie ebooks feel different than trad. pubbed ebooks. I think I tend to be amazed by the awesome quality of indie books I can buy for under $5 and disappointed by the lackluster quality of trad. pubbed books that cost $10. I think that's why I hardly read anything trad. pubbed anymore and it suits me just fine. When the writer can do what they want and experiment, it's a good thing.

  2. I so didn't know you had a book out! I must get it :)

    And I completely agree with you about indie authors. I don't even buy ebooks from traditional authors/publishers anymore (or at least, lately). It almost seems like indie authors aren't stunted by the demands of publishers and as a result, indie authors provide a fresh perspective and style.

  3. Yes! That's it's exactly! You both articulated it perfectly- Indie writers aren't bound by the same rigid guidelines. What I didn't realize until I paid five times the price of a good Indie read for one of my favorite trad. authors was how much I've been programmed as a reader by those same guidelines.
    I won't say never, but it will have to be a carefully planned purchase the next time I pay full price for a TOR new e-release. $11.99! Once I wouldn't have blinked at the price, but when I think of how many Indies I can enjoy and support? I feel sick.