Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Whiny Wednesday Row 80 Update

Where did all my enthusiasm go? Was I rationed a finite amount this year, and unwisely let it go too soon? Have I burned through all my inspiration already?

Coffee still does it for me, but the crash comes faster. I can't find music that suits. The old stuff is old, and the new stuff irritates. I feel like I'm playing catch up all the time. I had to spend all of yesterday evening helping a fifth grader build a multi-media tri-fold display of Alexander Hamilton's entire life and career. We ate take-out burgers, which sent me to bed grumpy and sad. Fast food does that to me lately. Plus, I haven't made much forward progress on my WIP since the weekend. I wrote last week that I hit "The Wall," and I guess I'm still there. 

I have a case of the "meh"s. Have not hit word counts. Did scribble down some scenes as they came to me, but did not hit wc, so they don't count. Did read a book (Shadowfever! Woo hoo!) but no review yet. Two writing-related elements to my blog so far. Big marketing week so far. Not much visiting. I have the "meh"s and am not very good company. Hopefully that will self correct. But it's only Wednesday, so I have until Sunday. Maybe I'll pull out of the tailspin.

Confession time, as well, since I'm whining so much. I've been reporting in on five different writing goals. I had this guilty feeling some of the time, like I wasn't doing enough. I chalked it up to superwoman complex, or just didn't think about it all. Turns out I can blame my gift for disorganization: I initially kept my ROW80 page on a separate tab. You can see above right. But the I tried to integrate with my main blog, which was a good move for several reasons. The first and most important is because everyone else is doing it, and that's the most important reason for doing anything :). The other reason is that it made ROW80 more of a part of my regular blogging/writing/daily life. 

But when I  moved ROW80 from tab to main page, goal number six somehow slid off the list.

Yep. For the last few check-ins, I've been completely ignoring one of my pretty important goals. I wanted to have a chapter of my current WIP drafted and "decently edited" every week. Not perfect, mind you. But not rough, no skipping around, and something I wouldn't be ashamed to send off to a crit partner. 

It makes so much sense of my current malaise. If I'd been doing this, I'd don't think The Wall would be quite so thick or dense. It takes care of the editing aspect of my writing that I've been struggling with. My goals as I've listed them leave me a lot of freedom as far as generating raw material, creativity, and word count. That's all good. But by forcing myself to turn out one decently drafted chapter a week, it's automatic built-in editing. I'm forced to self-correct. If my word count days have me at Chapter Six, but I'm producing a draft of Chapter Four that week, then I'll know when I'm finished with the drafted chapter if I need to modify my overall plan as I move forward with less structured word count writing. Of course, I may just be doing word count and editing at once. It happens.

The point is, I'm back on the wagon! I feel silly for forgetting about goal #6. Yes, I dropped the ball, and it's amazing how it affected the whole structure. Butterfly effect, whatever. Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been meh-ish. Your interviews were great btw!

    I haven't even looked at my original goals again so don't feel too bad. ;)

  2. Thank you! "Meh"s are better with company ;).

  3. Glad you are back on track and that I'm not the only one with a SW complex. ;) I've been down this week and reading posts from other participates has helped, given me that extra boost. I'm hoping for a productive weekend for both of us.