Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thursday: Duquette Johnston, Batman-Converse Shoes, Mexican Lasagna, and Anniversaries

1. My son needs a haircut. Maybe that's what got me thinking about one of my favorite Duquette Johnston videos, where he plies his trade in exchange for a haircut in downtown Birmingham. Rock n roll + son needs haircut = post music video to blog instead?

Who knows? Happy random Thursday! And by all accounts, Duquette was very happy with the haircut.

Duquette Johnston - Got Lost & Stayed from Green Block on Vimeo.

Random Thursday Countdown continues:

2. No Book Blogger Left Behind. Given funds enough and time, I'd give every serious book blogger in the world their very own Kindle. For free. Just call me Kindle Claus.

3. I'm having Mexican lasagna for dinner. Not quite sure what this is since I didn't make it (do I ever?), but it has tortilla chips and cheese on top and smells... mexicany. Ole!

4. There's a rumor going around that Converse makes Batman tennis shoes. If this is true, it will change my life in deep and mysterious ways.

5. Thirteen years ago yesterday I married this guy named Daniel in New Orleans. For some reason, he's still hangin' around. Happy day-after-anniversary, Daniel; this song's for you!

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