Monday, January 24, 2011

Interview Grand Slam, Giveaways, and Villains

Happy Caffeinated Monday, everyone!
I hope it didn't feel like a Monday, and if it did, I hope that you at least had a higher blood/caffeine level than I did. I usually cut myself off at noon, but it's a Monday, and everybody drinks more caffeine on a Monday, right?
I don't have a problem. I can quit anytime. :)
Seriously, though. Excitement abounds here at the Ides of March! Be sure to check out my Interview Grand Slam and Book Giveaways by dropping by two fabulous book blogs featuring ME:

Tynga's Reviews:

Tynga's Reviews

Where you can learn all about what I do when I'm not writing, including my haphazard decorating style I've christened "spooky chic."
Misha's My Love Affair with Books:

My Love Affair With Books

Where you can learn about my one real-life super-power (hint: it has to with reading, the book was Moll Flanders, and I barely moved for 24 hours!) and discover how my early career as a pre-school delinquent prepared me to be a writer.

Plus, there's prizes! 
I love book bloggers so, so much. If I had world enough and time (and cash), I'd give every one of them Kindles. I said this on Random Thursday, I'll say it again on Caffeinated Monday: My new life's ambition is to become Kindle Claus.
I suppose I'd give them Nooks if they'd prefer them, but Nook Klaus doesn't have the same ring. In fact, it sounds kinda wrong.

And finally, I'm going to be spending a few days cozying up to my current villain. Getting to know him, asking him probing questions, putting him in the middle of different scenarios to see how he'll react, that kind of thing. Before I do, I have a confession to make. (We covered the coffee thing. I can quit anytime, ok?) 

I have this tendency to fall for my villains. 

It started in elementary school. After school, to be exact. The cartoon was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The cartoon was ok and all, until evil Prince Lotor appeared in all his demented blue glory. After that, I was hooked. He was just so much more interesting than any of the good guys. So much more unpredictable. And he seemed to have so much more fun. Why Princess Allura insisted on sticking around, waiting on one of those stupid pilots to notice her, I'll never understand. 

Iago over Othello. Caliban over Ferdinand. Irial over Seth or Keenan. Irial over Seth and Keenan. Prince Zuko over Ang. Princess Azula over them all! 

I find I have the best of all possible worlds when I work with polymoral characters. What winds up happening is that my heroes fall a little and my villains find pockets of good. A polymoral villain is all the more terrible and tragic because he could have chosen good, but didn't. But he could have! And maybe he will. Next time. Or maybe he'll kidnap you and hold you for ransom on Planet Doom.
A girl can only dream. 

So I'll be doing villain interviews this week, and if anyone has any fun get-to-know-your villain ideas or exercises, shoot them my way. I'm game. Thanks, and have a great remainder of your Monday! -VK