Monday, January 31, 2011

Caffeinated Monday: Late Check-in, Updates

Hello all, and thanks to everyone for the check-ins and words of encouragement during The Weekend from Hell. The worst is over, even though both children are still home from school. This marks day five of at least one child at home who's needed pretty constant watching. I finally just moved my computer and whirlwind storm of papers to the dining room table and tried to work and play nurse at the same time.

It's kind of hard to do that. I just made myself more and more frustrated. I can't wait to move back to my real studio space. Funny how space can become associated with creativity. I even realized how much I need my funny little writing rituals: the songs I play, the candles I light, the way I bang my head in despair before I finally get down to business.

Oh, hell. I just had an epic coughing fit. No. Way. Ignoring it.

So, little writing done this week. A couple thousand words earlier in the week. I did get some planning done on a novella I want to release soon. I've had it on the back burner for a while, and some of the details just kind of came to me. That was cool. It was nice to focus on something that's not my WIP. Visiting has been interesting. Not done as much as I might have, but then, what I have done has been extensive. I need to rein that in for a bit and focus on my own writing. Some of the topics floating around on some of the blogs I read and respect a whole lot have a to of people up in arms, including me if I let them, and I really don't have the headspace for it. Roll on, controversy.

My book is picking up steam on Barnes and Noble, of all places. It's thrilling. I wish I knew why so I could bottle it and do it on Amazon, where my book seems to be just chillin' and relaxin', but that's ok. I'll take all the Nook love I can get. Go B&N! It just reminds me that I'm a writer, not a crusader, and I have another book or several to turn out. Hey, I like how that sounds.

I'm a writer, not a crusader.

The next time I find myself fuming for a solid week because someone called me and all my Indie pub friends names, I'm going to make myself write that fifty times. Ok, maybe twenty.

Coughing! Ignore! Ignore!

Most of my writer friends are reporting good sales figures and everyone seems to be in a mellow mood on most corners of the Internet. A very good start to '11! Let's see... what else about ROW80... epic fail, back on track for this week... nope, that's about it. Readings and reviews? Yep, on track with that. Hope everyone has a really productive February!