Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book 2 Cover and Synopsis, plus a little about the writing process

I'm really excited to have a working version of my cover for the second book in the Gifted Blood Trilogy, Ceremony of Innocence! It's still an early version (i.e. no text), but thanks to Tribble Studios for doing such a good job. I love the model, and I'm so glad we'll be able to work with the same one throughout the whole series. I'm also grateful to be working with a creative team so receptive to my input. 
Here's the working cover, and the synopsis:

Ceremony of Innocence
The Gifted Blood Trilogy, Book II
A powerful enemy steps out of the shadows at last, determined to build an army of Nephilim descendants that will conquer the Realms of Light and Darkness. Caspia is the perfect weapon, except for one small problem. She doesn't want to join. Too bad the demon that hunts her doesn't care.

As Ethan struggles to define his new role and Logan learns to live again, Caspia finds herself both reluctant defender and coveted potential weapon as conflict escalates throughout the streets of Whitfield.

But powerful enemies are met by powerful new allies:

A Knight Templar who purchased immortality at the cost of his soul has finally tracked his ancient enemy to Whitfield. His centuries-long search will end in victory or death, no matter who stands in his way.

Someone Caspia has known her whole life can suddenly command the elements and track shadows from the Dark Realms. She's even more unpleasantly surprised when their newest ally gets a little too close to Ethan for her comfort.

As both Chastain siblings push themselves to learn all they can about their ancestry and their abilities, Caspia struggles with the Dark nature of her gifts. Can she use Darkness to fight Darkness without becoming corrupted herself, even if it is in defense of her home, family, and the man she loves?

In Gifts of the Blood, Caspia fought for her brother's life and soul.
In Ceremony of Innocence, Caspia must fight for her own.
There you have it!

I'm a very visual writer. What do I mean by that? Since I've been working on my Whitfield novels, I've put a lot of effort and time into creating the town, the characters, the businesses, and even some of the products these businesses sell! I have a stack of notebooks that I imagine Caspia would draw in, a drawer full of art supplies I can imagine her using, a couple of vials of essential oils that come from (imaginatively, of course) Mrs. Alice's shop, and, of course, endless varieties of coffee from the Whitfield Coffee Shop. 

Let's just say Caspia and I have blood/coffee levels far above the legal limit most days. 

One whole wall of my studio is covered with photographs and drawings of downtown Whitfield; Caspia's room, complete with strategic piles of laundry; maps of the area; genealogical charts; color-coded charts breaking down supernatural mythology by sources, region, time period, and religious tradition. 

Yep. I'm a pretty deep world builder. It helps me be a better writer, but I also turn to these activities when I have writer's block. Working with my hands helps, at times. I also use my website vickikeire.com as a virtual world building tool.