Thursday, December 30, 2010

Live on Amazon US... At Last!

You can now pick up my debut novel (ebook format) for the low introductory rate of $0.99 by following the link directly to the Amazon store below:

If you don't have a Kindle or other e reader, go slap Santa Claus. Then download the Kindle ap (or...sigh...other e reader ap) for your laptop or desktop. They even have them for your phone! And yes, it's entirely possible and enjoyable to read on your phone or computer. Just think- you can indulge your inner teenager by reading my book on your laptop while the rest of the world thinks you're working or something. Win-win. If you haven't done so yet, go ahead and dip your toe in ebook waters and support some Indie writers of astonishing talent who've chosen to take on the NY6. Most Indie titles range in price from $0.99 to $2.99, and just like your favorite Indie bands, there are some real diamonds out there. Besides, everyone else is doing it, and that's a great reason for anything, right?

 It's exciting to see Gifts live and available, even though the book's description has yet to post with the actual book. It looks somewhat naked, unless you already know what it's about. But the details should catch up with the cover within the next day, or so I'm told. Here's the description (again):

Caspia Chastain, art student and barista, is gifted (or plagued, if you ask her) with the ability to draw the future, usually at the worst possible times. Her parents are four years dead; everyday she watches her brother Logan fight his cancer diagnosis. School, double shifts at work, drawing and painting, and even her usually vibrant small town can't keep reality at bay: life pretty much sucks for the entire Chastain household. Things get worse the day she draws an angry stranger framed by planes of light and violent, bloody images. That exact same stranger walks up to her out of nowhere mere hours later knowing things he shouldn't, like her name, her brother's illness, and her strange ability. That's when Caspia discovers her hometown is a refuge for supernatural beings both Light and Dark, and she and her brother find themselves caught up in a war between the two that predates their very birth. In order to protect herself and her brother, she turns to the one who seems to have started it all: the creature who walked out of her sketchbook calling himself Ethan. But Ethan has his own agenda, Logan's getting sicker fast, and Caspia finds that drawing the future isn't the only strange thing she can do. Meanwhile, someone really wants all of them dead. In a town where Dark doesn't equal Evil and Light isn't always Good, Caspia and Ethan find themselves making strange alliances and even stranger sacrifices in order to protect those they love.

Excitement abounds here at the Ides of March! There are a lot of really wonderful New Year releases, including some by my own personal favorites. The Grace Series' author SA Naeole just released the fourth installment, Day of Grace, not to mention Amanda Hocking's new My Blood Approves novella and a new one from Kait Nolan, Devil's Eye. Melanie Nillis' Starfire Angels series seems to be making something of a comeback, as well. Not to mention the fact that L.A. Banks, author of the long running New York Times' bestselling Vampire Huntress novels, just went Indie. Yep. Told the NY6 to stuff it and released a whole new series on her own. Radiohead's "In Rainbows," anyone? It's a great time to be a paranormal fan. Kind of like the paranormal Indie Rennaisiance.  But even if paranormal isn't your thing, there are all kinds of choices in the Indiereader universe. I will be happy to make recommendations in any genre for anyone who's interested in discovering a new, independent author but isn't sure where or how to find one. Leave a comment or email me at:     -Happy reading!   -V