Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Trembling by V.J. Chambers

The stakes are higher, the heat is on, and tensions mount in book two of the Jason and Azazel trilogy. Did I mention intense? Our characters grow darker, but in typical Chambers style, darker doesn't always equal evil or bad. In fact, the definition of evil and the nature of choice and free will is at the very heart of this second book as Chambers tackles some very heavy issues for any YA book. This is what I love about her books, though. She unapologetically does not hold back. As Jason and Azazel struggle with their twin darknesses and a world that has used them and thrown them away, they must also navigate the rocky shores of teenage love. This is a tall order for any teenager, or even most adults, but when those teenagers happen to be a trained killer with anger management issues and a messiah complex and a pagan cult's goddess-incarnate-on-the-run exploring her first tastes of freedom and sensuality, things are bound to get... complicated. And dark.

This was another book I could not put down. This is another book that begs for more attention, more marketing, more publicity, more exposure. This book needs to be read. So. Once again, please tell your friends, their friends, your grandmother and her friends, and total strangers on the streets about these books. They are the rarest of finds among indie books- an original, brilliantly-executed story coupled with nearly flawless editing