Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making Writing and Working Work

I was really thrilled to host the band Glossary and one of my fav singer songwriters Duquette Johnson this past weekend.  It was great show, even if the crowds were smaller than hoped for. I'm glad we were able to put them up for the night, and only wish I had more palatial surroundings to offer.

It was great being able to watch the band and run barefoot in the grass, chasing children and puppies under the stars to the backdrop of great music, to hit the BLT bar if I wanted, and generally soak up the restorative creativity that is Standard Deluxe.  (Thanks Scott!)  But what was really awesome was to meet a group of hard-working indie musicians and see just how much effort they put into what they do.  Those guys work HARD.  And not for much money.  They do it because, as creative souls, they have to; and also 'cause they love it.

There are a lot of intersections between the music and book industry these days.  One of my weekend guests described it this way:  "It's a way to find out the difference between the ones in it for the money, and the lifers."  So, yeah.  Hard work, but if it's really in us, we're lifers.  Whether "it" is music, art, or writing, we do it first 'cause we have to, and then 'cause we love to.