Friday, August 27, 2010

At long last! Wisdom!

Funny, because I haven't read "Wisdom" yet.  But I am just so d*** excited it's finally out.  I've been following Amanda Hocking's ascent since I first picked up "My Blood Approves."  I've read every one of her books.  Amanda's great because her work is 1. good 2. professional and 3. indie and 4. accessible.  She's what I think most indie writers, or any writers, for that matter, aspire to be.  

If only reading didn't detract from my own writing.  I swear it's all I'd do.  

I've got a meeting with my editor in roughly a week.  Wait, no.  A week from tomorrow.  But also a meet-up with some writing friends.  I have this feeling that I'm not ready, Ann's going to hate what I've done, I won't measure up, blah blah.  It's a lot like the feeling I get when I dream about shopping/working/being pulled over by a cop and realizing I'm wearing no clothes.  So it's probably about as realistic.

Anyway.  This isn't supposed to be about me.  It's supposed to be about Amanda.  Oh well.  Lame blog today.  I'd gotten out of the habit, so I guess I just needed to pound keys.  

Resolution:  I will not read "Wisdom" until I've finished editing the middle section of "Worlds Burn" and given it to D.  

We'll see how long I can hold out.