Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arcade Fire at Madison Square

D dragged me out of my hobbitt hole tonight to watch a live stream of Arcade Fire at Madison Square.  All  I can say is w.o.w.  We've had the new album for two weeks now-really good.  D has garnered some serious music connections, and he's always popping up with these albums weeks before they're out.  But anyway- if you haven't heard of them, or don't know them, the Madison Square concert is a great place to start.

They were once Indie musicians.  A tiny little band nobody knew.  But they had a great product and kept pushing, doing the footwork, and now, Madison Square Gardens.  You don't get much bigger than that.  It's like the Pulitzer, but for musicians.

Not sure why Indie writers haven't gotten the kind of support/ encouragement/ enthusiasm other Indie artists have.  I like using the music scene as a model because I think they're facing some of the same paradigm shifts that the publishing industry is, except those artisits have figured out a way to make it work. We're still feeling our way over here in book land, but we've come a long way.  See this article on "Bringing Sexy Back" to self publishing by Johnathon Fields over at Huffington Post.

So move over trad writers and publishers.  The Indie tribe is here and taking over.  Trad v. Indie.  It does sound sexier to be Indie than Trad.

But back to Arcade Fire.  Enjoying their encore now.  They're all covered with sweat and giving it all they've got.  Nothing beats seeing really gifted, talented people singing/writing/playing their heart(s) out.  This whole live concert is getting a playlist all its own when I get back to my novel, which I will do soon.  First thing in the a.m.  I swear.  No more ice cream until I finish that chapter.

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