Friday, July 30, 2010


So here it is, Blog #1. I'm confronted with the sticky irony of the whole endeavor. I started this thing to confront, storm, destroy, besiege the blank page, and yet here it is, mocking in its endless frozen tundra of white blankness. And don't forget its evil sidekick, the cursor. Doesn't that just sound like a villian? The Cursor. Perhaps more evil than the blankness from whence it came.

Favorite line about blogs, courtesy of Lev Grossman's fine novel "The Magicians":
"That guy has serious anger issues. I knew it was only a matter of time before he either punched somebody, or started a blog."

So. This is primarily a blog about books, writing, reading, digital platforms, and my torrid love affair with my Kindle. Among other things. Book reviews, because I read about as much as I breathe. Not kidding here. Graduate school gave me super reading powers. I inhale books. Perhaps that is my superpower: the book inhaler. Perhaps I should rename my blog.

But not today. I've done it. I've started this, and now the evil little cursor performs its final function: trying to bully me into not writing

The End.