Friday, July 30, 2010


So. It's hot. All across the country, temperatures are at ridiculous levels. Things unheard of- 117 in Connecticut? WTF??? It defies living memory. I live in the deep South, a place that only got air conditioning within the last fifty years or so, and none of the oldtimers remember anything like it. Yes, there are oldtimers here. They like to talk to me in the check out line at WalMart. Even though I prefer to shop at WalMart at 2 a.m. they still find me and pontificate.

My favorite line about Southern summers, courtesy of Harper "Miss Nell" Lee:
"Ladies bathed at noon and again after their afternoon naps, and by nightfall were like teacakes frosted with sweat and sweet talcum."

Lovely, just lovely, Miss Lee. I do not cite the book title because if you don't know the one and only novel she wrote, then go find out. Do not come back until you have a. read it or at least b. know what it is. There.

But the beneath its lyric language and evocations of a mythic bygone era, her imagery is really kinda gross. "Sweat and sweet talcum?" So. No deoderant back then. How can you be a lady in 100+ temps without deoderant? I know I would not qualify. Nor do I find the juxtaposition of sweaty women and food appealing.

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