Monday, November 3, 2014

Release Day! Nocte by Courtney Cole

Everyone has secrets. Today, you find out mine.


NOCTE is here. Get it: Amazon - iBooks - B&N - Kobo Add it on Goodreads


My name is Calla Price. I’m eighteen years old, and I’m one half of a whole. My other half--my twin brother, my Finn--is crazy.
I love him. More than life, more than anything. And even though I’m terrified he’ll suck me down with him, no one can save him but me.
I’m doing all I can to stay afloat in a sea of insanity, but I’m drowning more and more each day. So I reach out for a lifeline.
Dare DuBray.
He’s my savior and my anti-Christ. His arms are where I feel safe, where I’m afraid, where I belong, where I’m lost. He will heal me, break me, love me and hate me.
He has the power to destroy me.
Maybe that’s ok. Because I can’t seem to save Finn and love Dare without everyone getting hurt.
Why? Because of a secret.
A secret I’m so busy trying to figure out, that I never see it coming.
You won’t either.
NOCTE is here. Get it: Amazon - iBooks - B&N - Kobo Add it on Goodreads
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 Save me, and I'll save you.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Worst Nightmare Blog Hop!

Today, I’m taking part in Vicki Leigh’s “My Worst Nightmare” blog hop, to celebrate the recent release of her young-adult, paranormal-romance/ urban-fantasy, CATCH ME WHEN I FALL, which centers around seventeen-year-old Daniel Graham, a Protector of the Night, who has spent two-hundred years fighting Nightmares and guarding humans from the clawed, red-eyed creatures that feed off people’s fears. 

I’ve had two recurring nightmares for as long as I can remember. They’re pretty standard, really: falling, and spiders. I know I share my fear of these two things with pretty much half the world. More, even; if politicians campaigned on universal spider extermination initiatives, they’d win in a landslide. Just writing about them, even talking about them, doesn’t really do the topic justice, though.

You have to dream them.

The first dream has endless variations, but one thing never changes: it starts with the familiar.  Just beyond the shower curtain. The bedspread, before you turn it down. See, the thing about spiders is how little and unnoticeable they are. You could have an infestation (creeping you out yet?) and never know- until one of them catches your attention. So easy to overlook- until someone shines a light. Then they become moving  pinpoints of horror.  In my dream, the familiar turns nightmarish. Hundreds- no, thousands- of spiders reveal themselves hiding behind every day things, making my sanctuary into a nightmare. They swarm my bed; I step into a mass of them after my shower. But that isn’t even the worst.

There’s also the falling. That nightmare is literally endless, in that I never remember why I’m falling or even where I am. Sometimes I trip and fall into a never-ending chasm or off the tallest cliff in the world. Mostly, though, this dream begins where it stops: in the middle, with no reason or location. There’s simply that stomach-dropping stasis that never leaves, not for as long as I’m caught in the nightmare. I never hit the bottom but I wish that I would. Anything to stop the sick queasy feeling of falling.

But the worst- the very worst- are the dreams that combine the two.

I’m standing in my kitchen, cooking. Usually it’s something that sizzles and steams, like meat frying, or eggs. That’s why I can’t hear them coming. The cooking food covers the approach of thousands, maybe millions, of tiny legs. I do something routine, something comforting I’ve done a million times, like reach for the spatula or a dishtowel. That’s when I see the movement- spiders are everywhere. They pool around my feet and skitter up the sides of the stove. Soon every surface of my kitchen swarms with a million tiny bodies. I scream until my throat hurts and back away. My kitchen has vanished. A strong wind blasts me from all directions and I stumble backward. My heel catches on something- I never see what- and I’m falling, flailing in space. Empty darkness rushes past as my hands grasp at nothing. Until something sticky and soft clings to them. I’m falling through spider webs. They are my only companions on this endless descent. If I stay in the dream long enough, they even stop my screaming. That’s what happens when your mouth fills up with spider webs: silence.

If something were to feed off my fears, it would look like spiders and wind. Spiders because, well, did you just read my nightmare? Yes? So spiders are kind of a given, then, right? And wind because falling is kind of hard to do.

Want to play too? 

·         On 11.03.14 post about your worst nightmare, and what form the clawed, red-eyed creatures would take if they fed off your fears.
·         Visit the other participants of the blog hop, and comment on their worst nightmares

At the end of the blog tour, on 11.14.14, Vicki Leigh will pick one of the participants at random and award them with [prize].

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About Catch Me When I Fall:
Recruited at his death to be a Protector of the Night, seventeen-year-old Daniel Graham has spent two-hundred years fighting Nightmares and guarding humans from the clawed, red-eyed creatures that feed off people’s fears. Each night, he risks his eternal life, having given up his chance at an afterlife when he chose to become a Protector. That doesn’t stop a burnt-out Daniel from risking daring maneuvers during each battle. He’s become one of the best, but he wants nothing more than to stop.
Then he’s given an assignment to watch over sixteen-year-old Kayla Bartlett, a clinically depressed patient in a psychiatric ward. Nightmares love a human with a tortured past. Yet, when they take a deep interest in her, appearing in unprecedented numbers, the job becomes more dangerous than any Daniel’s ever experienced. He fights ruthlessly to keep the Nightmares from overwhelming his team and Kayla. Soon, Daniel finds himself watching over Kayla during the day, drawn to why she’s different, and what it is about her that attracts the Nightmares. And him.
A vicious attack on Kayla forces Daniel to break the first Law and reveal his identity. Driven by his growing feelings for her, he whisks her away to Rome where others like him can keep her safe. Under their roof, the Protectors discover what Kayla is and why someone who can manipulate Nightmares has her in his sights. But before they can make a move, the Protectors are betrayed and Kayla is kidnapped. Daniel will stop at nothing to save her. Even if it means giving up his immortality.

Find Catch Me When I Fall Online:
About Vicki Leigh:
Adopted at three-days-old by a construction worker and a stay-at-home mom, Vicki Leigh grew up in a small suburb of Akron, Ohio where she learned to read by the age of four and considered being sent to her room for punishment as an opportunity to dive into another book. By the sixth grade, Vicki penned her first, full-length screenplay. If she couldn’t be a writer, Vicki would be a Hunter (think Dean and Sam Winchester) or a Jedi. Her favorite place on earth is Hogwarts (she refuses to believe it doesn’t exist), and her favorite dreams include solving cases alongside Sherlock Holmes.
Vicki is an editor for Curiosity Quills Press and is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick Happy Halloween before I'm off to Halloween-related activities! Personally I love candy corn, but I know not everyone feels the same...

So I leave you with the burning question that consumes every Halloween: Candy Corn.... best candy ever, or tears of Satan in candy form? Discuss!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interview with Krystal Wade

I'm really excited to be hosting Krystal Wade, author of the just-released Charming, on her blog tour! I've been a fan of Krystal's since her Wilde's Fire series came out, and Charming was no disappointment. I thought I'd try to peek inside Krystal's head and see what life is like for her as a busy writer with a family and day job. I'm hoping she'll have some tips for me! 

  1. You’re a writer, mother, wife, and hold down a day job with a long commute, right? What is that like?
            I’m sorry. Did you ask a question? I was too busy catching up on some sleep. Honestly, being a mother, wife, writer, worker, farmer is so difficult. But as with all things that are rewarding, difficulty is just part of the process. One day, my kids will be grown and out of the house and I’ll retire from my job, and thankfully I know I’ll still have books, my husband, and chickens to keep me busy.

2.            Walk us through a typical day in the Wade household.
            The alarm blares at 5:30. I hustle the kids out of bed and myself into the shower. The husband leaves by 6:30 with the girls. I leave by 6:50 with the teen. We all do our business for the day. Teen arrives home in the afternoon, shortly followed by the rest of us. We cook dinner, take care of the chickens and ducks and bunnies and maybe spray a little round-up on those ridiculous weeds growing through my gorgeous landscaping. Then it’s homework (if not already done) time, bath time, family TV time, then writing, editing, reading for me. I’m usually in bed just before midnight, only to get up and repeat myself. And this is a day WITHOUT after school activities. Have I mentioned how tired I am?

3.            If any one thing has to give on a stressful/ crazy day, what is it?
            My writing, editing, reading time. Unfortunately.

4.            How does your writing process work with having a family?
            Well, I’m always writing. Sometimes in my head, on my phone, or on the computer. I squeeze in writing whenever I can, whether at break or lunch at work, while my girls are soaking in the tub, or when it’s way past midnight and I really ought to be in bed.

5.            Any advice for fellow writers out there with families or similar time constraints?
            Don’t give up. You can totally do it!

6.            So tell us about your writing in specific- Tell us about Charming!
            Charming is my baby, my brainchild, my favorite book ever. This story allowed me to include so many personal elements, from my painful past to my happy now, from my love of all things creepy, to my strong views on family, blood or no blood. I especially loved infusing my passion of darker, scarier works into a real world setting. I found my niche while writing this book and can’t seem to stop daydreaming about thrillers now.

7.            What are you working now? What’s next from the mind of Krystal Wade?
            I’m working on two books I hope to have published in 2015. One is the second book in the Book of Red series, and the other is another thriller named The Unraveling of Willard Hill. Willard Hill will drive in the fact that you should be careful what you wish for. 

Thanks so much to Krystal for her interview! I know there's some stuff I can use in there. And don't forget to check out Charming, out now!

Krystal Wade is back with a spine-tingling retelling of Cinderella!

About Krystal Wade:

Krystal Wade is happily married to the love of her life (don’t gag) and raising three beautiful children in the gorgeous state of Virginia. They live just outside Washington, D.C., and every day she wakes up to find herself stuck in traffic trying to get there. When she’s not working, commuting, or chasing after her three children (four if you count the man), you can usually find Krystal outside talking to her chickens like they’re the cutest things in the world (they are), or training her amazing dogs how to herd said chickens (which they love), or curled up on the sofa with a good book (why can’t that be 100% of the time?).